Rich DDT's art installations are Interactive Collaborative Experiences,
both single and multiplayer in nature, utilizing cutting edge technology to catalyze creativity.

Oscilloscope Synth:
OsciSynth invites you on a journey inside soundwaves visualized with stunningly accurate precision. It's a reimagined Oscilloscope window into a world of playfully animated 3D waveforms made entirely from sound. It’s a mind-boggling journey into the true nature of oscillating wave forms.
Includes samples from Jerobeam Fenderson

Shatter Wall:
Throw a ball, dodge a rabbit, break a wall, discover what’s behind. Shatter Wall lets you experience an animated world with hidden surprises by throwing physical objects into a 3D projected environment, empowering you to break on through to the other side. Themed with whimsical Alice In Wonderland imagery in this video, available with custom themes for other events.
Co-Created with Anticlockwise

This two player jambox invites you to explore the creative possibilities of that most familiar of musical instruments: the human voice. Wearing headphones, speak or sing into one of the microphones to hear your voice affected; your partner on the other side of the table will also hear you. Press the illuminated pads and slide your finger over the trackpad to drastically alter the pitch, tone, and character of the sounds coming out of your mouth. The tabletop spectrogram displays a graphical representation of the music you create.
Co-Created with John Brian Kirby
Original Tech Museum Exhibit Page here (via

Scribble Scratch:
Puts you in control of the iconic Hip Hop instrument: the DJ rig. Press play, or just spin the vinyl records by hand to begin. Experiment with the turntable sliders to change the music speed; flip the switches to reverse the sound; grab the records to scratch; and adjust the mixer to change what’s playing—choose from a classic selection of beats, vocals, and classic scratch samples.
Co-Created with John Brian Kirby
Original Tech Museum Exhibit Page here (via

Comfort Zone:
An immersive projected environment in which orbs coalesce around your body, creating a virtual, responsive “avatar” that interacts with visitors through mirrored and suggested movement, encouraging you to investigate choice in social situations. This uplifting shadow play experience utilizes energetic particle animations and collaborative group dances across 8 scenes in 10 minutes.
Co-Created with Anticlockwise, LEVYdance and Garance Marneur
Exploratorium Press Release here

Pulse of The City:
A public outdoor solar-powered art installation that turns pedestrians' heartbeats into music. Currently installed in five locations in Boston, MA.
Co-Created with George Zisiadis, Rachel McConnell, Matt Ligon and maintained by Zebbler Studios

Xylophage Sound Mushroom:
A giant pressure sensitive sound mushroom among fire breathing and light emitting cousins, which surround an enormous flame-engulfed tree stump. Squeeze the ring of moss around its stem and listen to it speak! Featuring a conductive fabric felt sensor & sound palette by Rich DDT
Co-Created with The Flaming Lotus Girls.
Press in Rolling Stone Magazine here

Edible Orchestra:
Feast upon the Edible Orchestra, a musical buffet for making beats from tasty treats! An entirely new class of jambox that you play by devouring it. Crunch percussive carrots and beets, dip into sitar-laden hummus, rejoice with bell bursting blueberries and mariachi mole, hear the deep bubbly chimes poured through a cup of wine, and discover much more through the grapevine. All sounds are triggered with capacitive sensors for a captivatingly delicious excuse to Play with your Food!

Watercolor Walls:
A collaborative digital canvas overflowing with watercolor-style paintings that you create with your silhouette. Every participant is given a unique color, which you change by reaching up to touch the palette across the top. Dance to enliven the backdrop. Cross paths with your friends to exchange & merge colors. Use your hands to make colorful finger puppets. Get literally blown away as flower-shaped fans smear your paintings across the canvas.
Co-Created with Anticlockwise
Front page Press in CNET here

Silicon Mines:
A two day interactive experience juxtaposing and satirizing San Francisco’s famous gold rush and tech boom legacies. This site-specific piece took place in the city’s historic Mint building, originally built for the first gold rush.
Participants were offered the chance to strike it rich by crawling into mysterious catacombs and harvesting toxic silicon microchips growing from the earth. In return, they received untold millions in potentially worthless stock options from the Silicon Mines Corporation.
However once they entered, participants were overwhelmed with awe when the technology came alive in the form of an ancient 10ft tall “ComputerHenge” monolith that responded to their touch.
Co-Created with George Zisiadis 

Audio, aura and heartbeat activated lighting systems that unleash your colorful spirit and musical soul. They detect and light up based on your aura and combine your field colors with those of your friends when you touch them.

An immersive projection mapped portal of water, earth, and fire. As you and your friends move and dance along the ground, flaming spirals encircle and follow you, liquid waves emerge from every step, and light energy surrounds you.
Co-Created with Anticlockwise 

A four-player musical jambox for seamlessly remixing Beats, Bass, Melody and Vocals - you can even AutoTune your own voice into the mix! Welcome to the Drum Circle of the Future.

Galaxy Conduit:
An immersive cosmic portal transporting star gazers into the vast recesses of space, offering interconnectedness through conductive contact. Participants link together with hand-to-hand contact to create human circuits & unlock a cosmic secret.

Time Machine:
An original plasma-powered temporal flux chamber capable of tearing a rift in the space-time continuum. SF's Center for Interdimensional Research (CiDR) recently took interest and built a new console for navigating fractal anomalies in the timeline.